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Steven Goldby, David Hardison, Gregg Capone, Gerry Higgins, Reinhard Schneider, David Haussler

Jeff Boyd, Dietrich Stephan, Gerry Higgins

"Next-gen sequencing is going to turn diagnostics completely upside down and on its head," Richard Resnick, CEO of GenomeQuest, said at a recent panel discussion on next-gen sequencing-based diagnostics.

With the offering, Accelrys joins a number of informatics firms that want to exploit the growing NGS market, but the company views the product as a complement to existing offerings, not a rival to them.

In Brief This Week is a Friday column containing news items that our readers may have missed during the week.

CLC Genomics Workbench, EBI search service, SeQMan NGen, Library Studio, ScienceLink, Reaxys, WGS diagnostic reporting tool, NextGENe software, Compelte Genomics human genome sequences, Access Laboratory Workstation.

GASSST is an open source genome read mapper that supports reads from different sequencing technologies; handles a variety of read lengths; and lets users map sequences to any kind of reference without requiring pre-built, static indexes.

The firms will integrate their respective informatics technologies to support the use of next-generation sequencing tools for personalized medicine research.

French biotech firm Biogemma has deployed an informatics infrastructure based on GenomeQuest's analysis workflows and SGI's Altix UV 1000 platform.


Researchers are developing a breath test to determine how severe patients' methylmalonic acidemia disease is, FierceBiotech reports.

NPR reports that vaccine developers are working on SARS-CoV-2 vaccines that are easier to store or administer than the current crop.

Reuters reports that France is to recommend that people under 55 who received one dose of AstraZeneca's SARS-CoV-2 vaccine receive a different vaccine for their second dose.