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Verily's life science projects aren't living up to expectations, Stat News reports.

New Verily Faces

The San Francisco Business Times examines Verily's latest hires.

Here's a Spot

Stat News examines ethical questions raised by Alphabet's Verily awarding a research contract to a clinic mostly owned by its CEO.

The Genome Analysis Toolkit is available on the Google cloud and will be launched on Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM's clouds and BaseSpace later this year.

On Their Way Out

Stat News looks into people departing Alphabet's life sciences company, Verily.

Dozens of government agencies, academic institutions, and a various public and private sector organizations have now committed to driving the initiative forward.

Alphabet is the world's most valuable company now, and its Verily healthcare subsidiary is close to being self-supporting.

For Truth

Google's Life Science Division has the new, though old fashioned-sounding, name of Verily, Stat News reports.

Developers of proposals selected for the NCI-funded Cancer Genomics Cloud pilots have kicked of various stages of platform testing ahead of the nine-month evaluation phase

Google's resources and approach are enticing academic life science researchers, Nature News reports.


Researchers uncovered the HIV virus within a tissue sample collected in 1966, the Atlantic reports.

Nature News reports there are a handful of clinical trials underway to evaluate vaginal microbiome seeding of newborns born via caesarian section.

The Washington Post writes that humans may have contributed to the extinction of cave bears some 20,000 years ago.

In PLOS this week: gene variant may protect against trypanosomiasis, GLIS3 role in type 2 diabetes, and more.