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Golden Helix

While the company's main customer group to date has been researchers conducting GWAS, it is targeting the latest version of its software to those using arrays in cytogenetics and agricultural biotechnology studies.

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SNP & Variation Suite 7, RefSeq 42, Qualoupe LIMS, Crossbow 1.0.4, Myrna 1.0.4, MolPort, PubChem

Millennium Science will distribute the SNP and Variation Suite to life sciences customers in Australia and New Zealand.

Millennium will provide sales and support for Golden Helix's SNP & Variation Suite in Australia and New Zealand.

While Agilent plans to eventually develop its own informatics tools for analyzing data from copy number association studies, a company official said this week that the arrangement with Golden Helix will immediately provide its array customers with the software and services required to begin their studies.

BioArray Briefs: 2009.04.14


Golden Helix, Spinco Biotech, Agilent Technologies, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, ArrayIt, Parkinson’s Institute, Precision Biomarker Resources, Affymetrix

Spinco Biotech will provide sales and other services for the genotyping analysis software company.


The Associated Press reports that a state board in Texas has asked ANDE, a maker of rapid DNA machines, to halt its work there.

James Wyngaarden, the former director of the US National Institutes of Health, has died at 94, according to Duke University School of Medicine.

Researchers find that a 30-year-old skull comes from a narwhal-beluga hybrid, according to Science News.

In Nature this week: study of value diversity in GWAS, Epstein-Barr virus subtypes linked to nasopharyngeal carcinoma risk, and more.