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Biomatters is partnering with Genewiz, a genomic services provider, to create an analysis solution for both firms' customers that will streamline DNA-based services from ordering to data analysis.

New Products: Mar 8, 2011


UCSC's Genome Browser, Genewiz's GeneGroup

In Brief This Week is a Friday column containing news items that our readers may have missed during the week.

New Products: Oct 19, 2010


Genewiz's new Boston laboratory, Expression Analysis' single-lane sequencing services


The US National Institutes of Health's All of Us project awarded $4.6 million to the company Color to develop a genetic counseling resource for the program.

The Times of India reports on a pilot study that used genomic testing to determine whether patients had drug-resistant tuberculosis.

New guidelines say that more women may benefit from genetic testing for hereditary breast or ovarian cancer, according to the Los Angeles Times.

In Cell this week: small proteins identified among human microbiome, role for tumor microbes in pancreatic cancer survival, and more.