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Genedata was founded in 1997 with an initial focus on the microarray market, and the new module marks its first product for the sequencing sector.

New Product Watch: Sep 28, 2010


Silicon Kinetics' SKi Pro X1000 biosensor platform, Genedata's Expressionist Refiner Genome module

LabKey Server 10.2, PatentExplorer

Genedata, Isilon, Entelos, SGI, IDBS

Expressionist 6, GenomeQuest 6.3 for IP, Allen Human Brain Atlas, Ensembl 58

Pathway Studio Explore, NextGene, Cytoscape 2.7, NetCirChro, Screener 8, Studies Notebook, Symyx Isentris for SharePoint

The Kluyver Centre in the Netherlands and Genedata have extended a collaboration for the Expressionist and Phylosopher systems.

Genedata Analyst, Tibco Spotfire 3.1, GenomeQuest API. Ensembl 57, Mutation Surveyor, Genedata Analyst

The agreement covers the Phylosopher and Expressionist software.

Riken is using Genedata's Expressionist software to analyze the "huge amounts" of mass spec data being generated by its researchers.


Nebula Genomics will be auctioning George Church's genome as a nonfungible token, according to The Scientist.

Anthony Gregg, the outgoing president of the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics, has resigned after using racially insensitive language. 

Facebook has developed an artificial intelligence approach to predict how drugs interact in cells, New Scientist reports.

In PNAS this week: adaptations among high-altitude Mycobacterium tuberculosis, response of multiple myeloma cells to chemotherapy-induced stress, and more.