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Enzo plans to seek approval for and market MultiGen's antenatal infectious disease tests in New York and in other US regions.

Revenues for both its life sciences and clinical labs divisions rose 11 percent. A settlement with a former executive of the firm pushed the firm's loss up for the quarter.

The decision paves the way for Enzo to be issued a patent based on its prior application, and the company plans to "rapidly" develop and market products based on the technology for a wide variety of applications.

People in the News: Mar 4, 2010


Enigma Diagnostics taps Joel Centeno for regulatory affairs; Adrian Dillon to leave Agilent; Robert Boorstein to direct Enzo Clinical Labs; Denator hires Patrik Bjöörn

The patent office was aiming to determine who invented technology first related to nucleic acid signal amplification.

Seegene's Seeplex Diarrhea-V ACE Detection test; Enzo Clinical Labs offers H1N1 test

A strong quarter for its clinical labs business and a contribution from recently acquired Assay Designs pushed Enzo's revenues up 19 percent.

Enzo Clinical Labs will market the cervical cancer test in New York and New Jersey.

People in the News: Dec 1, 2009


Errol De Souza, Shahram Rabbani, Elazar Rabbani, Barry Weiner

Enzo aims to market the ColonSentry test in NY and NJ.


A new analysis suggests warming, not the arrival of humans, led to the extinction of the woolly rhinoceros thousands of years ago, the Economist reports.

Chinese health officials uncovered SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA on imported frozen food, but the New York Times reports catching COVID-19 that way would be unlikely.

The UK has ordered 60 million coronavirus vaccine doses from Novavax and 30 million doses from Janssen, according to the Guardian.

In Science this week: machine learning model predicts whether ion channel mutations will cause disease, and more.