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IP Roundup: Oct 5, 2010


Agilent Technologies, University of Missouri, University of Michigan, Enzo Life Sciences

While the firm decided to cut some products from its menu and lay off some staff, its array-related offerings, such as its comparative genomic hybridization kits, will receive more investment going forward.

A streamlining of its Life Sciences and Clinical Labs operations is expected to result in a reduction of annualized operating expenditures of $4 million.

GeneNews recently presented a study that found ColonSentry "was able to detect right-sided CRC lesions across all stages with a sensitivity that is at least equal to the detection observed for left-sided lesions."

The company also has applications in Maine, Maryland, and California for approval of its clinical lab.

Enzo has been awarded a license to provide clinical diagnostic services in Pennsylvania, which could help the eventual uptake of ColonSentry, a PCR-based colon cancer risk-stratification test manufactured by Canadian firm GeneNews and for which Enzo has exclusive distribution rights in New York and New Jersey.

Starting Aug. 1, Enzo Clinical Lab became part of Empire BCBS's network covering the metropolitan New York City area.

Siemens is asking a federal court to grant it rights to a patent covering nucleic acid amplification technology instead of Enzo.

US patents awarded to Gen-Probe, Enzo Life Sciences, Hitachi, Life Technologies, Hologic, and more.

The firm reported gains for both its life sciences and clinical labs businesses.


Researchers are developing a breath test to determine how severe patients' methylmalonic acidemia disease is, FierceBiotech reports.

NPR reports that vaccine developers are working on SARS-CoV-2 vaccines that are easier to store or administer than the current crop.

Reuters reports that France is to recommend that people under 55 who received one dose of AstraZeneca's SARS-CoV-2 vaccine receive a different vaccine for their second dose.