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In addition to expanding Thermo Fisher's chromatography business, the deal would increase its presence in applied and emerging markets.

New Products: Nov 19, 2010


Dionex, Shimadzu

CEO Frank Whitney noted that HPLC sales were particularly strong in the Asia-Pacific market, and that the company had seen increased demand from its life science customers compared to the first quarter of 2010.

In a third quarter earnings call, CEO Douglas Berthiaume said growing demand for the Acuity H-Class UPLC platform helped drive a 9-percent rise in instrument sales year over year, while total receipts increased 9 percent and profit widened 25 percent.

New Products: Jul 2, 2010


Aushon BioSystems, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Dionex, Pfizer

With HPLC 2010 taking place in Boston this week, vendors touted new bio-inert instruments, cross-platform method reproducibility, and UHPLC performance at HPLC costs.

The firm closed the agreement with Magellan Biosciences for HPLC systems, clinical assays, and other assets.

The purchase from ESA will expand the Dionex liquid chromatography line.

Pairings: Apr 22, 2009


Frank Witney, Dietrich Stephan, Karine Hovanes

Frank Witney leaves Affy to become CEO of Dionex; Kathy Gibson joins IOInformatics' board of directors; ACMG names a new president and directors; and more.


Reuters reports that Germany is seeking to sequence 5 percent of patient samples that test positive for SARS-CoV-2.

23andMe and Medscape say primary care physicians are increasingly more comfortable with discussing direct-to-consumer genetic testing results.

The publisher of the Science family of journals will allow some authors to place peer-reviewed versions of their papers into publicly accessible repositories.

In Science this week: analysis of genome-wide association studies of chronic kidney disease, and more.