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Officials from the company said Thermo Fisher's R&D investments would target mass spectrometry, specialty diagnostics, and bioscience reagents.

Danaher has acquired and received acceptances for approximately 97 percent of the currently issued shares of imaging firm Genetix Group.

The $102 million dollar deal would enhance Danaher's imaging and analysis capabilities.

Paired Ends: Dec 15, 2009


Elias Zerhouni

PerkinElmer has filed a notice of application with a Canadian court seeking alternatives to providing its consent for MDS's pending sale of a joint venture between the firms to Danaher.

The request is the FTC's second request for information and relates to a global market segment that the two companies anticipate will generate less than $50 million in revenues annually for all sellers combined, MDS said in a statement.

The $1.1 billion deal for the MDS Analytical Technologies business is under antitrust review.

Life Tech reported mass spec revenues of $111 million for the quarter, the last full quarter that that business will remain with the company. Regulatory approval for the deal is expected "shortly," and Danaher's acquisition of the mass spec business is expected to close possibly before the end of next month.

MDS' shareholders voted in favor of the deal at a special meeting on Tuesday.

Two big recent proposed deals — a bid by Danaher to buy ABI/MDS mass-spec joint venture and MDS Analytical Technologies, and Agilent's bid for Varian — could signal a trend of consolidation in the proteomics.


A new analysis suggests warming, not the arrival of humans, led to the extinction of the woolly rhinoceros thousands of years ago, the Economist reports.

Chinese health officials uncovered SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA on imported frozen food, but the New York Times reports catching COVID-19 that way would be unlikely.

The UK has ordered 60 million coronavirus vaccine doses from Novavax and 30 million doses from Janssen, according to the Guardian.

In Science this week: machine learning model predicts whether ion channel mutations will cause disease, and more.