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CGC Genetics

Portuguese genetic testing firm CGC Genetics recently launched a Diabetes/Obesity Mutation Panel that it claims can be used for preventive purposes.

CGC Genetics, a clinical genetics testing company, recently introduced a panel for skeletal dysplasias.
The assay runs on Illumina's digital microbead-based BeadXpress system, and bolsters the Porto, Portugal-based company's menu of Array CGC tests.

The Portugal-based testing company is one of a handful of firms to adopt the holographic microbead-based platform since the US Food and Drug Administration cleared the BeadXpress earlier this year.

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The Portuguese genetic testing company has located its US headquarters in Newark, NJ, and it has partnered with New Jersey Medical School's Institute of Genomic Medicine.

The Portuguese lab firm received its CLIA license less than a year after being among a handful of firms to receive a warning notice from California regulators.

A new analysis finds the rapid COVID-19 test from DnaNudge to be highly accurate, Reuters reports.

In Science this week: global citizens' assembly on genome-editing technologies proposed, epigenetic markers predict metformin response, and more.

According to the Verge, many US states are not including positive results from rapid COVID-19 testing in their case numbers.

Michael Caputo, the top Department of Health and Human Service spokesperson, is taking a leave of absence, CNN says.