The test was previously approved to detect and differentiate carbapenemase genes from bacterial isolates, and now has an expanded claim for testing directly from rectal swabs. 

Prequalification now enables procurement in numerous countries within sub-Saharan Africa that have regulations requiring this type of oversight.

Leveraging technology it developed with Self-screen, Qiagen's test can be used with clinician-collected and self-collected samples.

OpGen will add a commercial data visualization portal to its CLIA testing service and launch an integrated product and services offering this year.

Using the Cepheid Carba-R test, researchers at four sites demonstrated high positive and negative predictive values. 

ISS astronauts will soon begin testing the Oxford Nanopore MinIon and two PCR platforms while researchers on Earth continue to evaluate microarrays for use in space.

The firm postponed the launch to enhance Omni's capabilities, in the meantime focusing on opportunities in near-patient testing for its GeneXpert system.

Total revenues were $144.8 million, a 13 percent increase on a constant currency basis, and beating the average analysts' estimate of $140.2 million.

Evidence is mounting supporting the use of self-collected specimens for HPV and other infectious disease testing in both the developing and developed world.

The partnership is the second this year aimed at widening distribution of the GeneXpert to moderately complex labs in the US. 


An analysis of UK Biobank data finds hemochromatosis to be more prevalent than thought, according to the BBC.

An analysis finds that female biomedical researchers receive fewer prizes than male ones, and when they do win prizes, they are less prestigious.

In Nature this week: improved genomic analysis using a graph genome reference, tumor mutational burden could predict clinical response to immune checkpoint inhibitors, and more.

Federal researchers tell the Los Angeles Times that the shutdown is causing missed research opportunities as they try to keep their experiments going.