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Caprotec Bioanalytics

New Products: Oct 8, 2010



The company said that protein targets binding specifically to the drug in question showed activity in pathways commensurate with the drug candidate's phenotypic profile.

The technology, which enables the isolation of functionally selected proteins from complex biological samples, has demonstrated potential usefulness in studying drug-protein interactions and could increase the efficiency of the drug development process.

Proceeds from the private financing will be used to further develop its Capture Compound Mass Spectrometry technology for analyzing complex protein mixtures.

New Products: Jan 29, 2010


Thermo Fisher Scientific, Caprotec Bioanalytics

Movers & Shakers: Nov 20, 2009


Christian Jurinke, Jeff Protentis, Jürgen Schumacher


The Economist reports that it is increasingly easier to analyze the metabolites people give off, potentially revealing personal information about them.

A controversial paper on the gender gap in science has been corrected, according to BuzzFeed News.

The Los Angeles Times reports that only a third of California students meet the state's new science standards.

In Science this week: evidence of interbreeding between the ancestors of West Africans and an unknown archaic human, and more.