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Cancer Genetics

The company's revenues saw strong growth on gains in its biopharma services and clinical services operations.

Cancer Genetics will provide the services to support H3's development of H3B-8800, a Phase I small molecule-based blood cancer drug candidate.

The panel targets actionable markers in seven genes to provide information related to patient stratification, disease management, and treatment selection.

The test is a microarray-based assay that analyzes the expression of 2,000 genes to identify the most likely tissue of origin for 15 common tumor types.

The Rutherford, NJ-based cancer molecular diagnostics firm will use the proceeds for general corporate purposes.

CGI's biopharma services accounted for most of its revenues, but clinical services revenues were up 181 percent on the October acquisition of Response Genetics.

The company said an increasing number of oncology clinical trials using genomic and immune-based markers will positively impact its business in 2016.

The company said the agreement will make its cancer diagnostics and genomic tests available to more than 2.6 million people.


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