The FilmArray Torch has up to 12 modules per system and can process up to 262 patient samples per day using the firm's syndromic panel tests.

The platform meets the needs of customers preferring molecular testing over immunoassays, and enters a dynamic and rapidly expanding food testing market.

BioMérieux plans to use Applied Maths' solutions to support EpiSeq, its newly launched microbial sequencing service.

Their approach detects resistance to carbapenems, drugs commonly used in hospitals and in patients with infections already resistant to other antibiotics.

A study of samples from Sierra Leone and the UK of heat-inactivated whole blood showed high sensitivity and specificity using the FilmArray BioThreat-E test.

Third quarter revenues increased 16 percent on a reported basis year over year driven in part by a 60 percent spike in molecular biology sales.

The FilmArray ME Panel is the first nucleic acid amplification test to detect multiple pathogens from a single cerebrospinal fluid sample. 

The test previously received Emergency Use Authorization from the US Food and Drug Administration and is now eligible for WHO procurement.

Using Quanterix's Simoa technology, the group developed assays to detect C. diff toxins with a high degree of sensitivity and specificity.

The instrument is compatible with the firm's easyMag sample extraction platform, as well as four different thermal cyclers and two other types of consumables.


Researchers report using genotyping to tie together illegal ivory shipments and trace them back to a handful of cartels, the New York Times reports.

Researchers find that historical factors influence which genes are the most highly studied, the Atlantic reports.

The US National Science Foundation's new sexual harassment policy is to go into effect next month, according to Nature News.

In Nature this week: genomic ancestry analysis of Sardinians, current noncoding mutations in colorectal cancer, and more.