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Benitec said this week that it has relocated its headquarters from Melbourne to Sydney in Australia.
According to the company, its CEO Peter French is based in Sydney.

Benitec said that its CFO John Rawling will resign on Aug. 24.
He will be replaced by Greg West.
The company said that Rawling's departure is related to the company's relocation to Sydney from Melbourne, Australia.

The application claims “novel synthetic genes and genetic constructs which are capable of repressing, delaying, or otherwise reducing the expression of an endogenous gene or a target gene in an organism.”

"Together with the favorable ruling by the US Patent and Trademark Office late last year, and other favorable decisions since, including in Europe, this [financing] enables the relaunch of Benitec,” CEO Peter French said in a statement.

Benitec said the funding will largely be used to advance its three preclinical drug-development programs, at least one of which is expected to enter human testing within two years.

The first stage of the alliance identified target RNA sequences capable of blocking HBV replication, Benitec said.

Michael Graham, Ken Reed, John Rossi, Yorke Zhu, Maria Kavallaris, Peter French

Although it was one of the earliest patents in the RNAi field, the IP had earlier been deemed invalid by the USPTO after re-examination proceedings were initiated by now-defunct expressed RNAi firm Nucleonics.


A new analysis suggests warming, not the arrival of humans, led to the extinction of the woolly rhinoceros thousands of years ago, the Economist reports.

Chinese health officials uncovered SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA on imported frozen food, but the New York Times reports catching COVID-19 that way would be unlikely.

The UK has ordered 60 million coronavirus vaccine doses from Novavax and 30 million doses from Janssen, according to the Guardian.

In Science this week: machine learning model predicts whether ion channel mutations will cause disease, and more.