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Beckman Coulter

The test under development will be used in an upcoming clinical trial to determine which patients may be suitable for treatment with an immunotherapy candidate for non-small cell lung cancer.

Transgene plans to use the tests from Ventana and Beckman Coulter to analyze which subpopulations of patients with advanced NSCLC will likely respond best to the MVA-MUC1-IL2 immunotherapeutic in combination with first-line therapy.

Overall, the GWDN Index was up more than 10 percent for the month, while the broader stock market also saw significant gains.

New Products: Dec 14, 2010


Beckman Coulters' SPRIworks Fragment Library System, Complete Genomics' CNV and SV analysis, Ambry Genetics' sequencing services on HiSeq 2000, EdgeBio a CSP for Agilent's SureSelect Target Enrichment System

A potential sale of the company could fetch more than $5 million.

The new platform, called Panther, is expected to help Gen-Probe capture market share in the area of molecular testing at mid- and low-volume clinical laboratories, clinics, and physicians' offices as it competes with platforms from companies such as Roche, Qiagen, Cepheid, and Becton Dickinson.

The RFP is "targeting large-scale sequencing centers or a consortium of academic and/or commercial centers that are believed to have the expertise and capacity to participate in a project of this scale."

Beckman will offer services using Agilent's SureSelect Target Enrichment System for next-generation sequencing.

Beckman Coulter's diagnostics sales were up 11 percent, with a strong contribution from the Olympus diagnostics business, while life sciences sales declined.

Analyst Peter Lawson has initiated coverage for the bank of the molecular diagnostics market and has issued reports on Beckman Coulter, Becton Dickinson, Cepheid, Gen-Probe, PerkinElmer, and Qiagen.


A German shepherd called Nala has had her genome sequenced.

A coronavirus serology test garners Emergency Use Authorization from the US Food and Drug Administration, but the Los Angeles Times asks: how will tests like that be used?

Certain gene variants in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle may keep brains young, according to New Scientist.

In Science this week: increased CD8 T cell density and increased IFN-gamma response may indicate metastatic prostate cancer patients who will respond to immune checkpoint blockade therapy.