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Shares of Decode Genetics stock were up nearly 11 percent in trading today following Decode researchers' identification of new prostate cancer risk variants.

The Nasdaq notice comes several months after the firm was almost delisted from the market.

Beyond studying European genetic structural variation, Estonian Genome Project Director Andres Metspalu envisions using the tens of thousands of samples collected so far to better inform healthcare decisions in Estonia, and sees increasing opportunities to take part in drug development activities.

As the first consumer to receive his genome through Illumina's individual genome-sequencing service, Hermann Hauser received his results at an Aug. 20 ceremony at Illumina's San Diego headquarters.

"If approved by the FDA, the DxS TheraScreen: K-RAS Mutation Kit would become a companion diagnostic for use with Erbitux in metastatic colorectal cancer to determine which patients have wild-type KRAS status in the US," DxS said this week.

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The suit claimed that Amgen infringed UI patents related to a cytomegalovirus promoter by manufacturing its billion-dollar blockbuster anti-inflammatory Enbrel and moncoclonal antibody Vectibix.

A working group led by the NIH and CDC issued five recommendations to "enhance the foundation" for using personal genomics to improve health.

A Phase III prospective study shows Vectibix combined with an irinotecan-based chemotherapy regimen improves progression-free survival in patients with wild-type KRAS tumors compared to chemotherapy alone. The study did not reach statistical significance for showing improvement in overall survival, however.


A letter criticizing actions by the US government and research institutions toward Chinese and Chinese-American scientists has garnered more than a hundred signatories.

NPR reports that researchers in New York are investigating whether it is possible to edit the genomes of human sperm.

In an opinion piece at the Nation, Sarah Lawrence College's Laura Hercher argues that everyone should be able to access prenatal genetic testing.

In Nature this week: ancient DNA uncovers presence of Mediterranean migrants at a Himalayan lake, and more.