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Under the partnership, OptumHealth Allies' 15 million members will now have access to Pathway Genomics' health and ancestry gene scans at a 20 percent discount, which brings Pathway's $348 full health and ancestry gene scan package down to $278. Meanwhile, 23andMe's is raising the price of its health and ancestry gene scan package by an additional $100, to $499.

In addition to the filing for bankruptcy protection, Decode also has entered into an agreement to sell certain assets to Saga Investments.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based direct-to-consumer genomics firm has had a round of layoffs that it said were necessary to remain in business in a difficult economic climate. Competing DTC genomics firms have had cutbacks or are proceeding cautiously.

Decode has 30 days to make the interest payment or it will be in default.

Decode increased the principal amount of the promissory note to $2.9 million.

Decode expects that the closure and layoffs will cost it around $1.5 million in cash expenditures. It did not say how much it expects to save from the moves.

Steven Casper, director of the master of bioscience degree program at the Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences, discusses a recent report assessing the Los Angeles region's life sciences strengths and shortcomings.

Shares of Decode Genetics stock were up nearly 11 percent in trading today following Decode researchers' identification of new prostate cancer risk variants.

The Nasdaq notice comes several months after the firm was almost delisted from the market.

Beyond studying European genetic structural variation, Estonian Genome Project Director Andres Metspalu envisions using the tens of thousands of samples collected so far to better inform healthcare decisions in Estonia, and sees increasing opportunities to take part in drug development activities.


The Economist reports that it is increasingly easier to analyze the metabolites people give off, potentially revealing personal information about them.

A controversial paper on the gender gap in science has been corrected, according to BuzzFeed News.

The Los Angeles Times reports that only a third of California students meet the state's new science standards.

In Science this week: evidence of interbreeding between the ancestors of West Africans and an unknown archaic human, and more.