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DxS denies allegations in a lawsuit filed by Roche last week that the UK-based diagnostics company is trying to renege on a distribution agreement between the two firms for KRAS and EGFR mutations tests.

"Our data reinforce the importance of the KRAS mutation as a predictive biomarker for responsiveness to Vectibix therapy," said Roger Perlmutter, Amgen's executive vice president of research and development.

Decode is a longtime Illumina customer that has contributed content to several of its whole-genome genotyping chips. Some of its services, such as DecodeMe, have been offered on the Illumina BeadArray platform.

The newly formed Decode Genetics Ehf will continue all of Decode's human genetics operations and brand products and services. Meantime, the publicly traded entity known as Decode Genetics expects to be liquidated.

Saga Investments has financial backing from Arch Venture Partners and Polaris Venture Partners, both of which had previously invested in Decode.

A number of events and trends that arose last year, including the increasing prevalence of direct-to-consumer genomics firms and PGx programs initiated by pharmacy services providers, might just make 2009 the year personalized medicine really started to take hold in the public's mind.

The finding highlights the importance of taking parental origin into account when conducting genome-wide association studies, and could provide a method for doing so by using data from a population obtained using Illumina microarrays.

The firm came under threat of delisting after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

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David Macdonald, Axel Nielsen

It was the second letter in as many months from Nasdaq to Decode, which has filed for bankruptcy protection in the US.


23andMe has a holiday popup shop at a mall and could open additional stores, Bloomberg reports.

By studying koalas and a retrovirus that infects them, researchers may have uncovered a new sort of 'immune response' that occurs at the genomic level, Agence France Presse reports.

NPR reports that the first person in the US given a gene editing-based therapy for a genetic disorder is heading home.

In Science this week: ancient genomes reveal social inequality within individual households, new method for quantifying genetic variation in gene dosage, and more.