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Researchers from Decode Genetics sequenced the genomes of 87 Icelanders and used that data in combination with GWAS to identify a rare variant associated with a high risk of developing sick sinus syndrome, a disease characterized by heart rhythm disorders.

The protocol for the trial, which will study overall survival in Vectibix-treated chemorefractory patients with wild-type KRAS tumors, is currently being reviewed by the FDA.

The researchers have launched a biotech firm, Healthtell, that aims to use immunosignaturing to develop diagnostics for a variety of indications and potentially enable ongoing monitoring of individuals via mailed-in serum samples.

Currently, there is no publicly announced companion diagnostic collaboration between Sanofi and Myriad for iniparib. However, Myriad plans to reach out to Sanofi to gauge the drugmaker's interest in doing a retrospective trial using BRACAnalysis.

CLC Bio, Decode, Biobase, and three other partners will use $2.1 million to develop software to study gene regulation data.

The amount of activity last year on the regulatory, reimbursement, legislative, educational, and intellectual property fronts is a sign that the wheels are slowly shifting toward creating a framework that will someday support and deliver genomically guided medicine, even though plenty of barriers and challenges need to be overcome on the path to that goal.

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Leroy Hood, Samuel Broder, Mark Velleca, Paul Beresford, Dino DiCamillo

"We plan to experiment with various pricing structures a bit in the coming weeks or months," a 23andMe spokesperson told PGx Reporter recently. "We know that our price point has been a barrier for some people in the past."

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Leroy Hood

The extension calls for the use of BioFocus' target discovery platform to deliver novel targets in support of Amgen's therapeutic programs.


The Hill reports President Donald Trump issued an executive directing federal agencies to cut the number of board and advisory committees they have.

The New York Times reports that researchers are combining tools to more quickly develop crops to feed a growing population and cope with shifting climates.

Scientists in Canada are looking to the UK's plan to sequence children with rare conditions for inspiration, the National Post reports.

In PNAS this week: copy number changes arose during polar bear evolution, genomic and transcriptomic analysis of the Siberian hamster, and more.