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People in the News: Uriel Kusiatin, Kelly Gordon, and more

Uriel Kusiatin, Kelly Gordon, Doug Bradley, and Wendy Morray

Provista Diagnostics has appointed Uriel Kusiatin as CFO, Kelly Gordon as vice president of research and development, Doug Bradley as vice president of global marketing, and Wendy Morray as senior director of reimbursement.

Kusiatin started working with Provista as a consultant in 2013, then formally joined the company as its senior vice president of finance in 2015. He began his career at Deloitte and has since overseen strategy development, operational execution, and financial management for numerous companies in the life sciences industry.

Gordon joined Provista in 2015 as director of clinical development. Prior to Provista, she served as the CDx regulatory affairs manager for Roche Tissue Diagnostics.

Bradley joins Provista from Caris Life Sciences, where he served as vice president of marketing. Prior to Caris, he served as executive vice president of global marketing at Agendia.

Morray joins Provista from Prometheus Laboratories, where she served as the director of coding and reimbursement. Prior to Prometheus, she spent more than 35 years managing coverage and reimbursement strategy for various laboratories.

Kenneth Bloom, Ashley Van Zeeland, and Tom Wamberg

Human Longevity (HLI) has appointed Kenneth Bloom as its president, Ashley Van Zeeland as its chief technology officer, and Tom Wamberg as the president of the company's Insurance and Corporate Business Group.

Bloom originally joined HLI to head the oncology product area and to oversee laboratory operations. He now reports directly to Craig Venter, the CEO and co-founder. Bloom most recently worked at GE Healthcare, where he served as chief medical officer of In Vitro Diagnostics.

Van Zeeland originally joined HLI as part of the company's acquisition of Cypher Genomics, where she was co-founder and CEO. Prior to founding Cypher Genomics, she served as director of strategic partnerships at Scripps Translational Science Institute.

Wamberg comes to HLI from Uniphy Health, a company he co-founded in 2013. He remains Uniphy Health's chairman.

Jeffrey Luber

Good Start Genetics has appointed Jeffrey Luber as its president and CEO. He has also been appointed to the company's board of directors. Prior to his appointment as CEO, Luber served as Good Start Genetics' general counsel and head of corporate development. Previously, he co-founded SynapDx and he held several executive positions at Exact Sciences, including president in 2007 and president and CEO in 2008-2009.

For more recent items on executive appointments and promotions in the omics and molecular diagnostics industries, please see the People in the News page on our website.

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