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People In The News: May 22, 2009

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) - Luminex has elected four Class III members to serve three year terms on its board of directors. The company elected Patrick Balthrop, who is company president and CEO; Walter Lowenbaum, who is chairman and CEO of Mumboe and Chairman of Luminex; and Kevin McNamara, who is director of Tyson Foods.

The company also has elected Edward Ogunro to serve as an independent director. Ogunro also serves on the board of Applied Neurosolutions, and he was a senior executive at Hospira.

Carl Hull, who has taken over the CEO job at Gen-Probe for Henry Nordhoff, has reached a contract agreement with the company. Under the agreement, Hull will receive an annual base salary of $635,000 and a bonus of around 75 percent of that salary, depending on the determination of the company's board of directors.

WaferGen Biosystems has appointed Robert Hariri to serve on its board of directors and Lincoln McBride to be its senior scientific advisor. Amjad Huda, the company's CFO and treasurer, and Victor Joseph, company CTO and secretary, will depart from the board.

The company also has tapped Mona Chadha, WaferGen's former VP of marketing and business development, to take on the job of interim COO and executive VP of marketing and business development.

Hariri has been CEO of Celgene Cellular Therapeutics, has served as CSO at Anthrogenesis/LifeBank, and he serves on the board at ImmuneRegen, Semorex, and Rocket Racing. McBride has worked at Applied Biosystems, PerkinElmer, and Fluidigm.

Jennie Hunter-Cevera, president and CEO of the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute, will take on an executive job at RTI International. Hunter Cevera, who has been president at UMBI for nine years and was head of the Center for Environmental Biotechnology at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, will join RTI as executive VP of Discovery and Analytical Sciences and Corporate Development.

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