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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Aug 5, 2016

Pacific Biosciences Sequel System Updates

Pacific Biosciences has released updates to its Sequel System, the software based on its SMRT sequencing technology. The new release provides performance improvements through updated sequencing chemistry, optimized sample clean-up protocols, and associated software. Together, the updates improve read lengths, throughput, and accuracy. Customers are also no longer subjected to supply constraints for SMRT Cells that were in effect earlier this year.

Roche Heat-Seq Target Enrichment Systems

Roche has launched its Heat-Seq Target Enrichment Systems, which combines molecular inversion probe technology with molecular barcodes in a streamlined workflow to provide researchers with speed and reliability in analyzing sequence data. Molecular barcodes allow users to accurately measure how much sequence data came from the sample itself, how much data was unique, and how much data was redundant due to amplification during the PCR process — something traditional PCR-based methods can't provide, the company said.

Shimadzu Nexera MX Ultra-High Speed LCMS System

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has launched its Nexera MX ultra-high speed LCMS system for multiplex analysis. The system is equipped with Nexera MX dual stream technology, which can process up to twice the number of samples as conventional LCMS systems in the same amount of time, the company said. Shimadzu's high-capacity ultra-fast SIL-30ACMP autosampler enables the Nexera MX's overlap injections, allowing an impressive 20-second analysis cycle while achieving ultra-low carryover.

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