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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Jul 22, 2016

Cytox VariaTect SNP Array

Cytox has launched its VariaTect genetic biomarker test for assessing Alzheimer's disease risk. The array, developed for research use, offers a simple blood-based test that provides a comprehensive panel of AD-informative SNPs to assist in research and novel drug discovery studies. It uses a combination of whole exome association analysis, variants identified through genome wide association studies, and variants considered to be of importance in AD-associated biological pathways. This includes approximately 130,000 novel and known SNP variants in gene pathways implicated in AD aetiology. The test was developed in partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific subsidiary Affymetrix, and will be marketed as the Axiom Dementia Research array.

Invitae Breast Cancer STAT Panel

Invitae has launched the Breast Cancer STAT Panel, a rapid turnaround gene panel that includes seven genes with surgical and therapeutic relevance: BRCA1, BRCA2, CDH1, PALB2, PTEN, SK11, and TP53. Mutations in these genes may influence patient and physician decisions on mastectomy versus lumpectomy, and whether to prophylactically remove the ovaries and fallopian tubes. Results of the panel can also help guide choice of chemotherapy. Turnaround time is eight to 12 calendar days. Price per indication is the same as Invitae's other tests — $950 for payors and institutions that are in contract with the company, $1,500 for third party payors that are out of network, and $475 for patients without insurance or who do not meet their insurance's criteria for coverage.

Oxford Nanopore Rapid 1D Library Kit

Oxford Nanopore has launched its Rapid 1D library kit, designed for the MinIon sequencing platform. The kit includes a two-step protocol and takes 10 minutes from gDNA to get onto the MinIon. It produces 1D reads and is best for shorter read lengths.

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