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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Jul 8, 2016

Thermo Fisher's Axiom Precision Medicine Research Array

Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched its Axiom Precision Medicine Research array. It is a broad genotyping resource designed to enable research on a variety of health questions related to common and rare inherited diseases, genetic risk profiling, immune response, and pharmacogenomics research. The array contains about 800,000 pan-ethnic imputation markers selected for highest genomic coverage at various 1000 Genomes phase 3 minor allele frequency ranges, and more than 100,000 relevant gene variants from broadly referenced public databases, including ClinVar, CPIC, PharmaGKB, and PharmaADME.

Thermo Fisher's Oncomine Lung Cell-Free DNA Assay

Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched its Oncomine Lung Cell-Free DNA (cfDNA) assay. The assay is designed to target mutations in non-small cell lung cancer samples derived from circulating cfDNA in blood. It contains gene targets, such as EGFR and KRAS, and enables analysis with as little as one nanogram of initial sample or samples collected over time from the same subject. The Oncomine Lung cfDNA assay shows 90 percent sensitivity and more than 98 percent specificity at 0.1 percent limit of detection, the company said.

Asuragen's AmplideX PCR/CE C9orf72 Kit

Asuragen has launched the AmplideX PCR/CE C9orf72 Kit for research use. The PCR/capillary electrophoresis-based assay uses Asuragen's proprietary technology for analyzing high homology and GC-rich content. The kit provides clinical and pharmaceutical researchers with a method for high-resolution genotyping of hexanucleotide repeat expansions in C9orf72, a gene of emerging interest in frontotemporal dementia, the company said.

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