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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Jun 24, 2016

MTI-GlobalStem’s PluriQ G9 Gene Editing System

MTI-GlobalStem has launched its PluriQ G9 gene editing system. It includes the G9 Maintenance medium G9 VTN Recombinant (vitronectin) plate coating, EditPro Stem Transfection reagent, and G9 Versene solution. The system is used for culturing human pluripotent stem cells to maximize transfection of genome editing constructs, up to 90 percent efficiency, the company said. The EditPro Stem can be used to deliver DNA, mRNA, and/or protein giving the researcher flexibility in experimental design. It is also optimized for CRISPR/Cas9 editing.

Diploid's InHelix NGS Software for CNV Interpretation

Diploid has launched InHelix, a next-generation software for copy number variants (CNVs) interpretation. The software annotates, visualizes, filters, and reports CNVs obtained from NGS data. It also enables users to run a CNV family analysis and SmartPanels, unique panels generated by the software based on HPO terms. InHelix offers over 80 built in gene panels manually curated by Diploid geneticists, the ability to create a short listing of relevant CNVs in PDF form, and the ability to import CNV data from a variety of callers.

Appistry's Managed Services for Clinical NGS

Appistry said today that it has launched a managed services offering that will provide clinical laboratories with the bioinformatics expertise and support they need for their next-generation sequencing-based tests. As part of the service, the company will deploy its integrated genomic analysis platform, GenomePilot, in customers' labs and integrate the solution with existing systems. Appistry is also offering to help labs set-up NGS-based test for diseases of interest.

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