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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb

BioGenex Xmatrix Mini

BioGenex has launched its Xmatrix Mini system for simplified FISH, ISH, and in situ PCR applications. The system is equipped with eXACT temperature control, ten independent thermocyclers, and a reaction microchamber capability. It also comes with a waste management system that allows for on-board washing. The eXACT programmable PCR thermal cyclers allow for rapid heating and cooling up to 105℃ with an accuracy of 0.5°, and while the open system is compatible with reagents from any vendor, it offers validated pre-optimized reagents and protocols with a performance guarantee, the company said.

Bioo Scientific NEXTflex BRCA 1/2 Amplicon Panel

Bioo Scientific has launched the NEXTflex BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 Amplicon panel for formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) Illumina-compatible sequencing. The kit detects clinically relevant somatic mutations in the BRCA 1/2 genes from DNA isolated from FFPE samples. It includes all components necessary for rapidly generating ready-to-sequence libraries, including primer pairs, library prep reagents, size selection beads, and indexed barcodes.

Shimadzu CLAM-2000 for LC-MS Sample Prep

Shimadzu Scientific has launched its Clinical Laboratory Automation Module (CLAM-2000), a fully integrated sample pretreatment module for liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry. The CLAM-2000 offers a variety of function to control the precision of analytical results, including reagent management, calibration curve management, control management, and system maintenance management. The system also automates operations such as dispensing, stirring, filtering, heating, and sample transfer during the sample prep procedure. According to the company, the user only needs to place the blood collection tube or other sample in the system, and it performs all other processes automatically, including loading the sample into the autosampler for LC-MS analysis.

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