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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: May 20, 2016

Biocept's Lung Cancer Liquid Biopsy Test

Biocept has launched a lung cancer liquid biopsy test. The test uses proprietary technology  to detect RET oncogene fusions from a simple blood draw. Genetic alterations in the RET and ROS1 genes were identified in patients with non-small cell lung cancer that have unique and pathologic features that may facilitate identification and enrichment strategies, the company said. The test comes after Biocept launched a blood-based test to detect the ROS1 biomarker in 2015.

10x Genomics' Chromium Next-Gen Sequencing Platform

10x Genomics has launched its Chromium System, a next-generation genome sequencing platform. The system builds on the original 10x GemCode technology that enables multiple applications and includes a suite of comprehensive workflow solutions. These include the Chromium Single Cell 3' Solution, which performs deep profiling of complex cell populations with high-throughput digital gene expression on a cell-by-cell basis; the Chromium Genome Solution, which provides comprehensive linked-read information on a genome-wide scale; the Chromium Exome Solution, which provides linked-read information for phasing, structural variant detection, and copy number determination; and the Supernova Assembler, which enables high-quality, low-cost everyday diploid de novo assemblies.  

For more on the Chromium platform, click here.

Cancer Genetics' Focus::Lymphoma Panel

Cancer Genetics has launched Focus::Lymphoma, a CLIA-validated, next-generation sequencing panel to detect and monitor the most common mature B-cell lymphomas. The panel enables the targeted sequencing of 220 genes and has the ability to customize the reporting that provides clinically actionable information to determine patients' treatment options. The product can detect mutations in genes such as BTK and PLCG2, which have been recently attributed to therapy resistance, and offers information on genes such as MT2D, which is frequently mutated in B-cell lymphomas, but is not currently available through other commercial platforms.

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