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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Apr 15, 2016

NanoString nCounter Vantage Assays

Nanostring Technologies has launched its nCounter Vantage assay portfolio to power 3D biology experiments in cancer research. The portfolio includes two new RNA panels for the detection of fusion genes in lung cancer and leukemia samples, two new protein panels covering solid tumor biology and immune-cell signaling, and one new DNA panel for the detection of single nucleotide variations. The assays allow for multiplexed, digital analysis of DNA, RNA, and protein simultaneously in a single experiment, the company said.

The new assays will be featured at the American Association for Cancer Research’s annual meeting taking place in New Orleans, April 17-20.

Applied Biosystems' Multiplex TaqMan Assay for Zika Virus

Applied Biosystems has launched its Multiplex TaqMan Assay for Zika virus. This multiplex assay also detects other arboviruses, including dengue and chikungunya. It uses a one-step real-time PCR master mix to lyophilize once RNA is added. It is optimized for the company's QuantStudio 5 RT-PCR system, but is also suitable for the 7500, 7500 Fast, and other QuantStudio systems, Applied Biosystems said.

Fluidigm's Integrated Fluidic Circuits for Single-Cell Genomics on C1 System

Fluidigm has launched its integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs), which will increase the number of single cells that can be isolated and analyzed on the C1 system. The new high-throughput IFCs are designed to capture up to 800 small (5-10 um) or medium (10-17 um) cells on the C1. The IFCs will enable scientists to profile larger cell populations using the same Fluidigm workflow.

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