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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Mar 11, 2016

Transgenomic MX-ICP Liquid Biopsy Tests

Transgenomic has launched its MX-ICP CRC Analysis and MX-ICP Melanoma Analysis. These two new liquid biopsy cancer panels are based on the company's Multiplexed ICE COLD-PCR (MX-ICP) technology.

  • MX-ICP CRC Analysis is a comprehensive panel that tests for the relevant mutations in a range of actionable genes that are among the most common gene mutations in colorectal cancer. These include KRAS and NRAS exons 2, 3, and 4; BRAF exon 15; PIK3CA exons 9 and 20; and EGFR exon 12 (S492R).
  • MX-ICP Melanoma Analysis is a panel that tests for BRAF exon 15 and NRAS exon 2 and 3 mutations, which have been identified in approximately 50 percent to 75 percent of malignant melanoma tumors, and are associated with differential response to treatment.

The panels are available for clinical use through Transgenomic's Oncology CLIA laboratory in Omaha, Nebraska.

Agilent OneSight Platform

Agilent Technologies has launched its OneSight, a new software platform designed to help researchers visualize and analyze chromosomal aneuploidies in cell-free DNA sequencing data. OneSight offers genetics laboratories a cost-effective way to perform high-quality, cell-free DNA analysis in-house, the company said. The software platform is independent of NGS sequencing technology and allows labs to set up an end-to-end cfDNA analysis pipeline. The new software was developed using expertise from Cartagenia, a company Agilent acquired last year that is known for its software solutions for variant assessment and reporting of clinical genomics data. 

Exact BK Virus Verification Panel

Exact Diagnostics has launched its BK Virus (BKV) Verification Panel. The panel has been calibrated against the World Health Organization International Standard for BKV. This secondary standard is value assigned using digital PCR (dPCR) and results in BKV standard reported in international units. The panel uses EDTA plasma to mimic a test sample. Traceability was established following ISO 17511:2003 with dPCR as the measurement procedure.

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