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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Mar 4, 2016

Veritas Genetics MyGenome

Veritas Genomics has launched myGenome, which the company claims is the world's first whole genome for less than $1,000, including interpretation and genetic counseling. Veritas first made $999 whole genome sequencing available to nearly 5,000 participants in the Personal Genome Project at Harvard Medical School. Veritas myGenome sequencing is performed in a CLIA laboratory, includes genetic counseling for clinically relevant conditions, and requires a physician order. The company said it is building a platform for myGenome that will include a secure digital report and app, access to a patient's genome data, on-demand genetic counseling, lifestyle-relevant genetic information, access to physicians, and omics data integration. This service is currently available for pre-orders in the US and other countries will be added in the coming months, the company said.

Bioline EPIK miRNA Select Kits

Bioline, aMeridian Bioscience company, has launched its EPIK miRNA Select assays worldwide. These assays were developed to study individual microRNA (miRNA) molecules. The individual assays use the same approach developed by MiRXES for the EPIK miRNA Panel assays; they employs miRNA-specific reverse transcriptase primers and hemi-nested real-time PCR primers along with Bioline reverse transcriptase, SensiSMART with SYBR Green, and highly optimized buffers. This combination of technology enables the assays to detect extremely low levels of miRNA with very high specificity, which makes it possible to discriminate between closely related miRNA sequences, the company said.

Xcell NGS System for Cell-Based Assays

Xcell Biosciences said this week that the company will unveil its Avatar system at the Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference next week in San Francisco. The new system enables a new generation of cell-based assays by allowing for complete control of key physiological conditions found in the microenvironments of cells, the company said. It also overcomes the limitation of traditional cell culture to generate results that exhibit the phenotypic, genomic, and proteomic characteristics of the native sample, the company said.

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