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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Feb 5, 2016

Neumann Diagnostics Automated Cervical Cancer Test

Neumann Diagnostics has launched its Confidence molecular test portfolio for cervical cancer screening. The test portfolio consists of a human papillomavirus test and an epigenetic biomarker and was evaluated in a multicentre clinical trial involving over 7,000 cervical samples collected from over 6,000 women. In HPV-positive women, aged 25 years or older, the test's sensitivity for severe cervical dysplasia or worse condition at baseline was about 92 percent and its specificity in the same group was about 74 percent. The clinical trial showed that Confidence tests found severe cases up to 12 months earlier than a Pap smear, according to the firm.

Selah Genomics' mySUDDinCode

Selah Genomics has launched a new assay, mySUDDinCode, as part of its partnership with South Carolina's Greenville Health System. The test involves comprehensive analysis of 55 genes related to arrhythmias and other abnormalities that can lead to sudden cardiac death. Results of the test are reviewed and interpreted by cardiologist Ramon Brugada as part of a collaboration between Selah and the Brugada Institute.

SoftGenetics' GeneMarker

SoftGenetics has updated its GeneMarker Human Identify software to include allele-specific stutter filters and alternative labeling options for peaks in the stochastic range on electropherograms. The updated GeneMarker HID also includes a new contamination checking tool that detects both profile-to-profile and database-to-profile contamination within a dataset. The contamination checker uses parameters such as type of comparison, percent similarity, and null marker tolerance.

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