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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Feb 13, 2015

HTG EdgeSeq Oncology Biomarker Panel

HTG Molecular Diagnostics has launched the HTG EdgeSeq Oncology Biomarker Panel for profiling the expression of more than 2,500 oncology-related biomarkers. The panel runs on the fully automated HTG EdgeSeq system, and couples the company's proprietary nuclease protection chemistry with next-generation sequencing. According to the company, the new panel analyzes a comprehensive set of biomarkers for profiling tumor tissues, analyzing cancer pathways, and identifying new biomarkers across both solid tumors and hematolymphoid neoplasms.

Two Biogal-Galed Labs PCRun Kits

Biogal-Galed Labs has launched new PCRun Kits for feline Mycoplasma haemofelis and canine Anaplasma platys. These add to three veterinary molecular detection kits that the company previously commercialized for canine Leptospira, Ehrlichia canis, and Leishmania.

Qlucore's Omics Explorer

Qlucore has released Omics Explorer 3.1, the latest version of its advanced data analysis software. This release includes a well-defined open interface to R that gives users access to a broader range of statistical tests and a more flexible colour scale.

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