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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Jan 8, 2016

Biocept Blood-Based Test for Prostate Cancer and Breast Cancer

Biocept has launched a CLIA-validated androgen receptor expression assay that uses a patient's blood to detect and monitor late-stage prostate cancer and a certain form of breast cancer. The assay uses circulating tumor cells from a simple blood draw to detect androgen receptor expression, which is prevalent in patients with advanced prostate cancer. The androgen receptor is also found in a subset of patients with estrogen receptor-negative, progesterone receptor-negative and Her2-negative breast cancer, known as triple negative breast cancer.

Affymetrix Eureka Genotyping Solution

Affymetrix has launched Eureka Genotyping Solution a low-cost, low-plex genotyping by sequencing solution. The company is also introducing two new array configurations for the Axiom genotyping platform. The Eureka Genotyping Solution delivers high-throughput sample processing with low cost per sample enabled by an innovative multiplexed combination of allele- and sample-specific barcodes which support high sample plexing on a sequencer while delivering high-quality SNP analysis, said the company. The new array configurations for Axiom genotyping expand its utility. The 24-sample configuration on the high-density Axiom 96 platform can interrogate upward of 800,000 markers while the 96-sample configuration on the Axiom 384 HT platform can assay about 50,000 genetic variants.

Premaitha Workflow Manager System

Premaitha Health has released Workflow Manager, an information management system for its noninvasive prenatal Iona test. The software, which Premaitha developed in collaboration with Sagentia, is available to new and existing customers that run the Iona test. It interfaces with all instruments in the Iona test's workflow, including DNA extraction, library preparation, sequencing chip preparation, sequencing, and analysis. It also tracks clinical sample and patient data.

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