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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Oct 9, 2015

Affymetrix Axiom Transplant Genotyping Array and HLA Analysis Software

Affymetrix has launched the Axiom Transplant Genotyping Array for research studies on transplantation success, individualizing donor/patient selection, and treatment. The array features around 780,000 markers, including over 30,000 genetic variants that may contribute to transplant rejection or other complications and around 350,000 SNPs for Caucasian-European and non-European populations to improve the mean coverage achieved in major ethnicities, including African and Asian populations.

The array can also be used in the study of immunology, disease, and drug treatments.

Affymetrix has also released Axiom Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) analysis software to complement the Axiom Transplant Genotyping Array. The software enables affordable, high-throughput, and accurate analysis of 11 classical loci at 4-digit resolution by imputing HLA type from Axiom array-generated genotype data. It can be used for HLA typing from any genotyping dataset containing coverage of the extended major histocompatibility complex region.

WaferGen ICell8 Single-Cell System            

WaferGen Biosystems has launched the ICell8 single-cell system. The SmartChip-based platform can isolate thousands of cells and process specific cells for analysis, including next-generation sequencing.

The system incorporates CellSelect automated imaging and software and the ability to run multiple samples or experiments on a single chip, by partitioning the chip in as many as eight sections.

Single cells from solid tumors, brains cells, pulmonary airway cells, multiple cell lines, and nuclei, ranging from 5 to 100 µm in size, can be isolated and dispensed into a single chip without pre-selection or filtering.

OGT Cytocell Aquarius P16/3c/7c/17c Probe Kit

Oxford Gene Technology has launched its CE-IVD-labeled Cytocell Aquarius P16/3c/7c/17c Probe Kit, a cost-effective, ready-to-use fluorescence in situ hybridization probe kit for non-invasive detection of bladder cancer.

OGT's product accurately detects in urine samples the three most common aneuploidies associated with bladder cancer (chromosomes 3, 7, and 17). It also detects deletions of the 9p21.3 locus containing the well-known tumor suppressor gene p16 (CDKN2A) — commonly deleted in bladder cancer. The kit contains ready-to-use reagents and has an easy-to-use protocol, and provides specific, clear, high-intensity signals with minimal background, OGT said.

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The Scan

Cancer Survival Linked to Mutational Burden in Pan-Cancer Analysis

A pan-cancer paper appearing in JCO Precision Oncology suggests tumor mutation patterns provide clues for predicting cancer survival that are independent of other prognostic factors.

Australian Survey Points to Public Support for Genetic Risk Disclosure in Relatives of At-Risk Individuals

A survey in the European Journal of Human Genetics suggests most adult Australians are in favor of finding out if a relative tests positive for a medically actionable genetic variant.

Study Links Evolution of Stony Coral Skeleton to Bicarbonate Transporter Gene

A PNAS paper focuses on a skeleton-related bicarbonate transporter gene introduced to stony coral ancestors by tandem duplication.

Hormone-Based Gene Therapy to Sterilize Domestic Cat

A new paper in Nature Communication suggests that gene therapy could be a safer alternative to spaying domestic cats.