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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Sep 11, 2015

GATC Biotech's GATCLiquid

GATC Biotech has released a new liquid biopsy offering for early-access clinical research and product development called GATCLiquid Technology Suite. Based on next-generation sequencing and GATC's proprietary analysis techniques, the suite is aimed at the detection of genomic alterations in circulating DNA for diagnostic purposes, such as identifying clinically actionable genomic alterations that influence tumor development or treatment outcomes.

GATC says it has already sequenced more than 40,000 samples from blood and plasma, the majority under diagnostic conditions.

MO BIO's Tissue & Cells DNA/RNA Isolation Kit

MO BIO has launched the UltraMag Tissue & Cells DNA/RNA isolation kit. This is the first commercially available kit designed for automated, hands-free co-isolation of DNA and RNA from animal tissue and cultured cells using automation platforms, such as the Thermo Scientific KingFisher Flex or Duo or Eppendorf's epMotion. The kit is the latest nucleic acid purification tools developed using key MO BIO technologies. It uses simultaneous isolation of DNA and RNA and works with fresh, frozen, or preserved animal tissues, and adherent or suspension cultured cells. It also utilizes the firm's SwiftMag magnetic particle technology, which facilitates isolation of high yields of pure nucleic acid for use in qPCR, RT-PCR, and next-generation sequencing. The kit includes proteinase K for cell lysis and is available with optional 2.8 mm ceramic bead tubes or bead plates, enabling high nucleic acid yields even from challenging tissue samples, MO BIO said in a statement.

NanoString RNA:Protein PanCancer Immune Profiling Panel

NanoString has launched the nCounter RNA:Protein PanCancer Immune Profiling Panel. The entire nCounter line of instruments can analyze the panel, which measures both RNA and protein expression in samples containing as few as 150,000 cells. The new panel combines the measurement of 30 proteins with 770 RNA measurements specifically for immuno-oncology studies. The RNA measurements look at genes indicated in the hallmarks of cancer and the protein measurements focus on cell surface and immune checkpoint targets.

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The Scan

Genetic Ancestry of South America's Indigenous Mapuche Traced

Researchers in Current Biology analyzed genome-wide data from more than five dozen Mapuche individuals to better understand their genetic history.

Study Finds Variants Linked to Diverticular Disease, Presents Polygenic Score

A new study in Cell Genomics reports on more than 150 genetic variants associated with risk of diverticular disease.

Mild, Severe Psoriasis Marked by Different Molecular Features, Spatial Transcriptomic Analysis Finds

A spatial transcriptomics paper in Science Immunology finds differences in cell and signaling pathway activity between mild and severe psoriasis.

ChatGPT Does As Well As Humans Answering Genetics Questions, Study Finds

Researchers in the European Journal of Human Genetics had ChatGPT answer genetics-related questions, finding it was about 68 percent accurate, but sometimes gave different answers to the same question.