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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Aug 28, 2015

Fluidigm High-Throughput Single-Cell mRNA Sequencing Prep

A new high-throughput single-cell mRNA sequencing workflow is available for Fluidigm's C1 system.

The validated workflow includes a new advanced integrated fluidic circuit and reagent kit to increase throughput and ease of use while decreasing per-cell sequencing and preparation costs.

The workflow can capture up to 800 cells at a time and can facilitate two runs per day, enabling large-scale characterization of heterogeneous samples. The new fluidics circuit features two inlets for cell loading to facilitate case-control studies and the assay protocol enables multiplexing and cell pooling.

LabCorp's VistaSeq

Laboratory Corporation of America has announced the availability of its 27-gene VistaSeq panel that doctors can use to identify patients with a heightened risk for hereditary cancers.

LabCorp will market VistaSeq as a prognostic test for gauging increased risk of breast, ovarian, pancreatic, colorectal, endometrial, gastric, and prostate cancers, as well as melanoma. The diagnostic, performed by LabCorp specialty testing group Integrated Genetics, is intended to be used in conjunction with a person's medical and family history for cancer.

According to the firm, VistaSeq is available nationwide through any LabCorp account. Doctors and patients will also have access to additional services through LabCorp, such as insurance pre-authorization support and genetic counseling.

Agena MassArray Chip Prep Module

Agena Bioscience has introduced the Chip Prep Module for automated sample handling following PCR for its MassArray 96-well genetic testing platform.

The add-on module minimizes hands-on time and reduces the risk of cross contamination associated with manual sample handling by automating several steps, including dispensing and desalting samples onto the SpectroChip Array. It can process eight 96-pad SpectroChip Arrays in less than a day and includes on-board cooling and storage, which allow overnight processing and storage of two additional SpectroChip Arrays.

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