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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Jul 24, 2015

NovaFold 12.3

DNAStar has released NovaFold 12.3, the latest iteration of its protein structure prediction software. According to the company, this version of the software can be run on internal or crowd infrastructure and can be used to predict the structures of proteins of various sizes. Also in this release, users can incorporate custom model templates to enhance prediction results.

Bioo Scientific NEXTflex-HT Barcodes

Bioo Scientific has launched NEXTflex-HT barcodes for Illumina sequencing. Each barcode contains 12-nucleotide unique index sequences, preventing ambiguity from PCR errors or sequencing instrument errors. Each pair of consecutive barcodes is color-balanced and suitable for low-level multiplexing. The barcodes have been optimized for use with Bioo Scientific's NEXTflex-branded Rapid DNA-Seq, Cell Free DNA-Seq, mtDNA-Seq, Methyl-Seq, and DNA-Seq kits but can also be used with other Illumina library prep protocols.

Genedata Selector 4.0

Genedata has release Genedata Selector 4.0, a new version of its genome knowledge management solution. This release supports reference-independent genome sequence comparisons and reduces data processing and analysis times. Also in this release, data from new genome assemblies and re-sequenced genomes can be easily integrated with existing genomic knowledge; and users have the ability to analyze sequences and protein affects across any available reference assemblies.

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