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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Jun 19, 2015

Fluidigm Single-Cell ATAC-seq for C1 System

Fluidigm has introduced Single-Cell ATAC-seq, an epigenetics application for the C1 single-cell genomics platform. The new application allows researchers to explore the regulatory systems that drive cellular function, and is freely available on Script Hub, a new web portal within Fluidigm's C1 Open App program. In a study published this week in Nature, researchers from Stanford University and Fluidigm used ATAC-seq to identify single-cell DNA accessibility profiles from diverse cell types. Understanding the accessible regions of the genome will reveal the role of DNA-binding proteins, nucleosomes, and chromatin compaction in regulating gene expression, Fluidigm noted. Before the C1 and ATAC-seq, researchers needed at least 500 cells to identify accessible chromatin regions, which misrepresented the heterogeneity present in the biological system, the company noted.

Qiagen Investigator STR Assay Kits

Qiagen is now offering two genetic fingerprinting kits to simultaneously analyze multiple STRs. The kits incorporate a quality control sensor to enable labs to quickly determine whether evidence may provide valuable results. The Investigator 24plex QS Kit is designed for amplification of the new CODIS core and European Standard Set (ESS) marker sets from casework samples. The Investigator 24plex GO! Kit is for direct amplification of the new CODIS core and ESS marker sets from reference samples. The new kits comply with expanded marker sets, as well as Interpol and European standards. They also complement two other kits being launched in the US: the Investigator ESSplex SE QS Kit for amplification of the ESS marker set, and the Investigator Argus X-12 QS Kit for amplification of 12 X-chromosomal STR markers.

Thermo Fisher Scientific TaqMan Advanced miRNA Assays

Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched TaqMan Advanced miRNA Assays, pre-formulated primer and probe sets designed to detect and quantify mature miRNAs in biological samples. Together with the new TaqMan Advanced miRNA cDNA Synthesis Kit, the system is designed for the analysis of multiple miRNA targets, with improved sensitivity for low-abundance targets (as few as 60 copies of input RNA) in samples like plasma or serum, Thermo Fisher said. The cDNA synthesis kit uses a universal reverse transcription step, providing a streamlined workflow to analyze as many as 600 miRNAs from a single RT reaction.

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