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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Apr 24, 2015

Thermo Fisher Scientific's Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 3 and QuantStudio 5

Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched the Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 3 and QuantStudio 5, real-time PCR systems that fully integrate with cloud computing technology. The systems are designed for low- to mid-throughput laboratories conducting real-time PCR experiments, and are the first to connect to the Thermo Fisher Cloud computing platform, allowing geographically dispersed researchers to collaborate online in real time and access their data wherever and whenever necessary. Laboratories can also share experimental conditions and results with their partners, provide a uniform experience for every user, and help minimize training and errors. The new instruments integrate with existing analysis workflows including next-generation sequencing, capillary electrophoresis, and qPCR applications. Interactive touch-screen controls allow scientists to directly manage experiments with intuitive commands. As with the existing QuantStudio 6, 7, and 12K Flex instruments, the 3 and 5 include the Thermo Scientific OptiFlex white LED optical system and VeriFlex thermal technology.

Desktop Genetics' DeskGen Gene Editing Platform

Desktop Genetics announced the launch of the DeskGen Platform for gene editing. The product combines elements of the AutoClone and gUIDEbook tools, allowing researchers to design genome editing vectors and cloning strategies in any cell line or model organism species.

Transgenomic's ICE COLD PCR for Biomarker ID

Transgenomic's Multiplexed ICE COLD PCR (MX-ICP) technology is now available as a service to pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers through the firm's Biomarker Identification business unit. MX-ICP is a highly sensitive DNA amplification technology that allows the detection of multiple mutations in multiple genes from any sample, either from a tumor biopsy or from liquids such as blood or urine. MX-ICP is validated and available for use on all sequencing platforms and can use either tissue or liquid biopsies.

RainDance Technologies' ThunderBolts Myeloid Panel

RainDance Technologies has launched its ThunderBolts Myeloid Panel, a next-generation sequencing research assay to detect and cost-effectively analyze genetic mutations associated with acute myeloid leukemia, myelodysplastic syndromes, myeloproliferative neoplasms, and other myeloid cancers. The panel is a pre-validated assay for researching mutations and hotspots in 49 genes implicated in the causation, prognosis, and recurrence of certain blood and bone marrow cancers.

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