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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Mar 20, 2015

Sequenom's HerediT Universal

Sequenom Laboratories, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sequenom, has launched the HerediT Universal carrier screening test, expanding the firm's reach into the universal carrier screening market. The HerediT Universal test screens for more than 250 genetic diseases by analyzing over 2,000 genetic mutations and can be performed preconception or at any time during pregnancy, the firm said. The test is being offered in collaboration with Recombine, a clinical genetic testing firm.

Promega PowerQuant System

Promega has announced the release of the PowerQuant System, an STR analysis product to determine total human DNA concentration in a sample, quantify male DNA, assess integrity, and discover possible PCR inhibitors. The probe-based system uses four targets and five dyes to ensure that the DNA detected in the quantification steps will result in a usable STR profile. The system can be also used in tandem with the PowerQuant Analysis Tool program.

Genection's MyAML NGS Assay

Genection has launched MyAML, a CLIA-validated next-generation sequencing assay that identifies clinically actionable, pathogenic, and potentially pathogenic mutations in 194 genes associated with acute myeloid leukemia. The panel identifies single-nucleotide variants, insertion-deletion variants, and the entire range of structural variants, including partial tandem duplications and translocations, Genection said.

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