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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Jan 9, 2015

BioCollections Worldwide Chikungunya Virus Assay

BioCollections Worldwide said today that it is now offering a laboratory-developed test for the detection of Chikungunya virus. The assay follows the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's real-time RT-PCR protocol for detection of Chikungunya virus, and detects cases in the acute stage of infection in about five hours, BCW said. The Miami-based company is providing the test through its CLIA-certified testing laboratory. 

Personal Genome Diagnostics PlasmaSelect-R Liquid Biopsy

Personal Genome Diagnostics today announced the launch of its PlasmaSelect-R liquid biopsy test. The test analyzes genetic alterations in cancer using circulating cell-free tumor DNA that is present in plasma, reducing the need for tumor tissue specimens. It detects sequence alterations and translocations in 63 well-characterized genes that include all important known biologic and therapeutic cancer targets. PGD said that the test is currently intended for use by cancer drug researchers, but that it plans to launch a CLIA version for clinical applications later in 2015.

Fast-track Diagnostics Ebola Test Kit

Fast-track Diagnostics announced today the release of a CE-labeled multiplex real-time PCR kit to detect the Zaire strain of the Ebola virus. The Malta-based firm manufactures single and multiplex PCR kits for more than 100 different pathogens, and the product range is compatible with standard extraction methods and thermocyclers.

CPTAC Proteomics Data

Proteomics data from the National Cancer Institute's Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium is now available from the UCSC Genome Browser. The new track contains peptides identified and characterized by CPTAC, from breast, colorectal, and ovarian cancer biospecimens initially sequenced by the Cancer Genome Atlas project.

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