Clinical & Translational

Three new studies, published online in the New England Journal of Medicine, shed light on how NIPT may be best integrated into clinical care for all pregnant women.

The company is planning to use the funds to gain CLIA certification for a new clinical lab and conduct additional studies for its cancer diagnostics.

Test volumes of the firm's ColonSentry test jumped 50 percent in the second half of 2014.

AstraZeneca will use Myriad's BRACAnalysis CDx as part of a study investigating Lynparza in metastatic pancreatic cancer patients with germline BRCA mutations.

The study results also offer hints to new pathways that might be targeted to overcome resistance to currently used DNA methyltransferase inhibitors.

In Genome Research this week: methylation patterns in multiple myeloma, recent Y chromosome bottleneck, and more.

By studying the spectra of microbes on Earth, a team of researchers hopes to be better equipped to detect any on other worlds.

SolveBio's Mark Kaganovich says at TechCrunch that genomics needs an app to push it into the mainstream.

A University of Michigan team is using a Facebook app to recruit and keep in touch with participants in its 'Genes for Good' project.