Clinical & Translational

The company is developing a prototype system that it aims to later validate in clinical samples.

The IPO could bring in $51.4 million in net proceeds for the molecular diagnostics firm.

The partners will study the association between genetic variants and chemotherapy side effects to find biomarkers for an upcoming NGS pharmacogenomics panel.

The company attributed its third quarter revenue decline to bad weather.

The firm signed deals with a US hospital and a European reference lab for the T2Dx platform and T2 Candida sepsis test.

In Cell this week: Leukemia-like disease in soft-shell clams, mNET-seq method for profiling growing transcripts, and more.

While James Watson and Francis Crick are credited for discovering the structure of DNA, Rich proved their theory of a double helix structure was correct when he produced a distinct image of the structure.

Nature News reports that early users of Oxford Nanopore's hand-held MinIon are giddy about the technology and its uses. 

According to MIT Technology Review, Apple is collaborating with researchers to develop apps for consumer DNA testing.