Clinical & Translational

The partners will work on capturing circulating tumor cells for whole-genome sequencing and for use in mouse models for drug discovery and biomarker development.

The test adds to a growing menu of approved assays for the cobas 4800 system.

The company has also received approvals for various molecular diagnostics in the US and Canada in recent months.

In a 6,000-patient study, Eskenazi Health will assess whether PGx testing improves outcomes and saves money in a community that doesn't usually have access to genomic advances.

The partners will focus on early treatment and diagnosis of cancers in women's health and abdominal and blood cancers.

In PNAS this week: co-evolutionary signatures of insect hosts and bacterial symbionts, distinct transcript isoforms of high-grade ovarian cancer, and more.

Adam Rutherford discusses genetic genealogy at the Guardian.

Portions of the US 21st Century Cures Act are raising some safety concerns.

David Dobbs writes at Buzzfeed that genomics has delivered little on its promises.