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Researcher Gordon Mills said assays based on his lab's Cancer Proteome Atlas project could be used to guide patient treatment within the next 18 months.

Researchers at the Hartwig Medical Foundation have launched a clinical trial that seeks to match tumor biomarkers with experimental and off-label drugs.

The company benefitted from continued uptake of its NovaPrep liquid cytology platform and the impact of its recent acquisition of Primerdesign.

The next-generation sequencing-based test is designed to detect bacteria and viruses in blood samples from patients with suspected infections, especially immunocompromised patients.

The FDA-approved complementary assay "can provide insight into the survival benefit that may be achieved" with the treatment, Roche said.

In Nature this week: genetic history of HIV in the US, and more.

There are a few projects aimed at addressing the lack of diversity in genomic research, Technology Review reports.

A national assessment shows that US students lag in the sciences, but suggests that achievement gaps are narrowing.

Harvard's George Church discusses HGP-write with the Journal of the American Medical Association.