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The group hopes its proposed regulatory framework might strike a compromise between different industry stakeholders.

The method could potentially be useful as a companion diagnostic for targeted drug therapies.

The investment bank upgraded Rosetta's shares following the completion of the firm's purchase of PersonalizeDx earlier in the week. 

Avera Health will offer the TheraLink Assay to its employees and conduct studies to establish the clinical utility of the proteomic panel.

Interest in detection directly from specimens and antibiotic resistance is leading some researchers to look at methods likeREIMSand MRM-MS.

DermTech Raises $2.4M

In Science this week: measles virus nucleocapsid structure, and more.

African and US health officials work to establish an Africa-wide Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.

Nature has retracted a 2002 epigenetics paper for image manipulation.

The World Health Organization calls for the public release of clinical trial results within a year of the completion of data collection.

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This online seminar will review case studies demonstrating the clinical utility of CTCs and cfDNA to define and characterize a variety of dynamic genomic changes throughout the course of cancer detection and treatment.