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The G-BA commissioned a contractor to prepare an evidence report by early 2018 and to gather information for patients by early 2019.

The test analyzes the mitochondrial genome to determine which men with clinical suspicion of prostate cancer are likely to have high-grade disease.

Hologic said that HCV therapeutic options are evolving rapidly, and the approval will enable physicians to quickly decide on the best treatments.

The company said it will use the proceeds of the financing round to accelerate commercial adoption of its NGS-based personalized cancer treatment test.

Genelex is hoping that a recently published randomized-controlled trial will help it get on better footing with Medicare.

Method for diagnosing and monitoring schizophrenia and tauopathies
Reagents and methods for detecting a polymorphic protein
Kits for the diagnosis of pre-eclampsia or eclampsia
Methods for identifying or assaying for agents that increase beta-cell proliferation, insulin secretion, insulin sensitivity, glucose tolerance and decrease fat mass
Methods and compositions for identifying enterovirus
Thromboembolic disease markers

In Science this week: intellectual property landscape of CRISPR genome editing, and more.

A researcher has been convicted of conspiring to steal genetically engineered rice, Reuters reports.

Harvard Medical School's George Church says a woolly mammoth-elephant hybrid is only a few years away, according to the New Scientist.

Intel is ending its sponsorship of the International Science and Engineering Fair, the New York Times reports.

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This webinar will discuss genomic methods to elucidate the molecular mechanisms underlying acquired resistance to immuno-oncology (IO) therapies.


This webinar describes the optimization and validation of two commercially available next-generation sequencing assays that may be used to guide personalized cancer treatment.