Drug Discovery & Development

The company presented data demonstrating that ADHD patients with mutations in nine genes had a clinically meaningful and statistically significant response to AEVI-001.

These cell subtypes could help researchers gain a clearer understanding of cell mechanics and find better targets for potential therapies.

The companies will build and screen novel DNA-encoded libraries for use by Pfizer in its drug discovery efforts.

The Harvard spinout is commercializing inDrop single-cell sequencing technology developed by Allon Klein.

At the AACR annual meeting, researchers presented results from the Phase II SUMMIT trial investigating the pan-HER-targeted therapy neratinib.

Methods for identifying drug effects on a cell by determining changes in the cell's spliced message profile
Compartmentalized screening by microfluidic control
Selection by compartmentalised screening
In vitro method and kit for prognosis or prediction of response by patients with rheumatoid arthritis to treatment with TNF-.alpha.factor blocking agents
System, apparatus and method for evaluating samples or analytes using a point-of-care device
Drug discovery method

A fire at a Manchester hospital may have destroyed lab equipment and data, the Guardian reports.

Researchers generate a genetic database from skeletal remains from the 1845 Franklin Expedition to the Arctic, Live Science reports.

Researchers in China have begun another trial using CRISPR/Cas9 approaches in cancer patients, according to the Wall Street Journal.

In Science this week: human DNA found in sediments from archeological sites lacking bones, and more.