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Companion Diagnostics

The partners will offer pharmaceutical firms a complete next-generation sequencing-based solution for the development and commercialization of companion diagnostic tests.

The companies will discover and develop microbiome-derived biomarkers, drug targets, and bioactive molecules for cancer.

Thermo Fisher developed the NGS-based multi-marker assay in collaboration with Novartis and Pfizer to match lung cancer patients with targeted drugs.

Horizon will supply cell-free DNA-based molecular reference standards for inclusion in CareDx’s cfDNA testing workflows for the monitoring of transplanted organ rejection.

The panel was developed as part of the Actionable Genome Consortium and uses a hybrid capture to analyze both DNA and RNA simultaneously.

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In PLOS this week: RNA-seq, ChIP-seq to determine metformin response; array-based approach to detect protozoa in blood; and more.

Fast Company takes a look at startups in the nutrigenomic space that aim to offer personalized diet advice.

In a glamorous event, the Breakthrough Foundation gave out more than $25 million in prizes to researchers.

Immunotherapy might treat cancer, but it also appears to come with a risk of a number of side effects, the New York Times reports.