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Companion Diagnostics

The study compared five methods, including three based on Roche test kits and reagents, and suggested that a multiplexed test may be best to avoid false-negative results.

The company is developing a non-invasive test that analyzes only a small area of the genome to infer overall tumor mutational load to help guide immunotherapy use.

The firm will apply the proceeds towards an early-stage clinical trial of a precision colorectal cancer vaccine.

The firm's ROS1 gene fusion kit was approved as a companion diagnostic for Pfizer's Xalkori.

MDx product sales for diagnosing and monitoring hepatitis and HIV load, and screening HPV, grew 7 percent year over year.

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In PLOS this week: a sequencing-based screen of Lyme disease-causing pathogen, the range of animals bitten by Anopheles darling mosquitoes in Peru, and more.

An NC State researcher is exploring the use of CRISPR-Cas3 as an anti-microbial, Gizmodo reports.

The Earth BioGenome Project plans to sequence all life on Earth, according to ScienceInsider.

For those who are concerned about Trump administration actions related to science, a new column in Scientific American has suggestions for ways to fight back.