Clinical Sequencing

Through targeted sequencing on tumors from several biliary tract subtypes, researchers are uncovering mutations of potential treatment or prognostic relevance. 

In addition to offering NIPTs, Natera is eyeing the cancer diagnostics space.

The NCI-funded trial will include 10 sub-studies, each focused on a different molecular target, and is set to start enrolling patients in July.

Researchers sequenced 25 Ebola genomes isolated from patients infected during the outbreak, publishing their results in Emerging Infectious Diseases

With more than 100 tumor samples from 92 women with ovarian cancer, researchers searched for mutations related to treatment resistance and relapse.

A European team has launched a four-year study to develop a test to gauge cervical, ovarian, uterine, or aggressive breast cancer risk in women.

As interest in personalized medicine grows, government contractors are entering the field, the Washington Post reports.

In PNAS this week: spatiotemporal study of lncRNA expression, role of extrachromosomal, circular DNAs in yeast, and more.

In PLOS this week: Plasmodium knowlesi population genetics, oral microbiome of infants and children, and more.