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Clinical Sequencing

Robin Thurston, Helix CEO

Helix plans to launch its first consumer products this year and has a goal of bringing its platform through US Food and Drug Administration clearance. 

In a cohort of some 300 people with intellectual disability, a genomic approach offered a likely diagnosis some 60 percent of the time.

Researchers in Portugal are conducting a 150-patient retrospective validation of the assay and hope to eventually use it to monitor lung cancer patients.

Responding to initial criticism of the draft guidelines on NGS testing, Mansfield emphasized that the documents are not final and assured that the agency will continue to listen to stakeholders.

The results support a survival benefit for patients treated with therapies guided by combined DNA and mRNA sequencing and protein expression analyses. 

Allele-specific sequence variation analysis
Detection of analyte using coffee-ring effect
Polynucleotide barcode generation
Method to detect repeat sequence motifs in nucleic acid
Biomolecule detection apparatus including plurality of electrodes
High efficiency and high precision microfluidic devices and methods