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Clinical Proteomics

The company plans to use the proceeds to support research collaborations and to expand its commercial team.

The two studies were part of larger project aimed at building a complete map of mitochondrial function and associated proteins. 

The results support a survival benefit for patients treated with therapies guided by combined DNA and mRNA sequencing and protein expression analyses. 

The assay is designed to measure changes in blood levels of the peptide precursor procalcitonin to differentiate bacterial infections from viral ones. 

Researchers also uncovered key pathways and alterations linked to differences in survival.

Diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome, myocardial infarction, or angina pectoris by means of neurophysin II
Use of precursors of tachykinins and/or their fragments in medical diagnostic
Methods for analysis of free and autoantibody-bound biomarkers and associated compositions, devices, and systems
Biomarkers for diagnosing liver disease
Method for replacing biomarkers of protein kinetics from tissue samples by biomarkers of protein kinetics from body fluids after isotopic labeling in vivo
Detection of oxidized polypeptides

In Science this week: metagenomic-based technique for determining protein structure, and more.

An academic laments the rise of narcissism in the sciences, the Guardian reports.

Outgoing FDA commissioner Robert Califf writes in an editorial that the agency can help boost innovation.

The Trump transition team has asked NIH Director Francis Collins to remain at his post, though it's unclear for how long that will be.